Robert Dawe | GMC# 3314302

  • NHS Tayside
  • Consultant Dermatologist

Archived Declarations

Aug. 5, 2018

Benefits received from pharmaceutical companies

Company Reason for receipt of fees Total amount received
Attended a meeting about erythropietic protoporphyria treatment with afamelanotide; no money directly to me but accommodation and air travel paid by company (Clinuvel Ltd) I normally accept no industry gifts, even if of low value such as pens, but I decided that I specifically needed to attend this meeting to learn more about afamelanotide 2

Other sources of income or benefits from other organisations relevant to medical practice

Company Reason for receipt of fees Total amount received
Wiley Publishers Editorial honoraria - passed to charity as soon as received 2

Past Declarations

Until 1992 (26 years ago; I graduated as a doctor in 1989) I accepted food, pens and even books from industry but (with the exception above) have not done so since.

Other Declarations

I am lead clinician for the national managed clinical network for phototherapy in Scotland and as such have a strong interest in non-drug physical therapies, such as the phototherapies. Possibly this influences how I think, although it is probably because I think in such ways that I am in this role. Other non-financial factors to consider when interpreting my opinions are that I was born in Tanzania and brought up in Malawi, both quite poor countries and probably influencing me in feeling strongly about striving for fairness and minimising waste.